Top Reasons Good Sales People Leave Their Positions


It’s unfortunate but good salespeople leave their positions every day at businesses around the world. It’s hard to say what really motivate these people to drop their career but this article will make an attempt to emphasize why good leave their comfort zone for greener pastures.

1. Lack of progression

When a salesperson it at a company for a prolonged amount of time it can often be difficult to progress beyond the years of results. Likewise, businesses also place restrictions on employees, not letting them introduce new ideas which stipple’ their passion for the business. Every person in a business has great ideas, it’s a shame when these are discarded because the business does not want to take risks.

2. Money or salary

Money isn’t everything but tell that to a salesperson whose business life revolves around it. When salespeople continually bring in large sums of money for the business without any kind of reward or increase in their pay, it burns. Salespeople realize their value to the company and when they aren’t reciprocated they often pack up and leave.

3. Community

The outside perspective on salespeople is that they’re slimy and sneaky; this mentality can often cross over within the business itself. The business community is quite to shoot down ideas without any constructive criticism; the old verbiage of “death by a community” holds true for salespeople – after enough times being told no without explanation, one must leave.

4. Negative environment

Finally, work environments will have a range of individuals; some are happy while others seem to show up just to cause trouble. When years go by without a bad employee being punished, it gets under the skin of everyone. With enough negatively going around in the office, the entire business will have a negative shadow looming over it and the only way to escape is to leave.

5. Incompetence

Up to this point, most reasons where to deal with the business but let’s not forget that some salespeople completely miss the mark. Sales take a lot of effort on the persons end to keep up to date with their contacts, new campaigns, and synergy with the rest of the business. Those that cannot perform will get the ax; incompetence is all too common for those that underestimate the difficulty of a sales position.