How to Win Mid Lane in Dota 2

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  So if this concept of "winning mid" is so pertinent to winning the game, it's important to know how to win the lane, and what winning the lane even means. Often times it can be hard to tell which team is winning which lane, but in mid it's actually pretty easy. For the first eight minutes, it's essentially whichever hero has the higher level. This might seem over simplified, but the level is an indicator of deaths, kills and most importantly denies and last hits. This will be a quick tutorial on how to maximize: last hits, denies and kills, and how to minimize: deaths, enemy denies and effectively experience loss.

  Proper CSing

  Last hitting in the mid lane is a bit different and a bit harder than last hitting in top or bottom. Here, denies are key. This explains how and why to deny, but denying is much more important in mid for a few reasons. Level advantages quickly spiral out of control, as one level can be the difference between getting one deny and getting four, and that difference can lead to even more of an advantage or disadvantage. Because of this, try to prioritize denies just as much as last hits.